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April 27, 2009


Wu Ming

I'm just curious-- why do you keep your car running while you are waiting?

Jane Weaver

Omigosh, you just can't win - even with the comments! BTW, is it politically correct to like the Dixie Chicks must less to sing along publicly? LOL


jane weaver of course it is "politically correct" to like the dixie chicks. what does liking them have to do with politics? (;

please wear helmets

not wearing helmets is pretty fucking stupid.
i was hit by a car while riding my bike on the sidewalk along connecticut ave - just a few blocks from your house.
my helmet probably saved me.
the kensington bitch who hit me (with her huge suv) drove off once she saw i was ok, but my bike was bent.


Please Wear Helmets, I appreciate your sentiments but not your language. Not wearing a helmet when he was riding a motorcycle and crashed caused Ben Roethlisberger a lot of pain and I'm sure lost some games for the Steelers that year. Possibly there was brain damage, which would explain some of his later behavior. . .

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